As a military family, you know the excitement and stress of a possible move. Each relocation requires you to learn the ropes of a new area, settle into a new workplace, and meet new people. However, with the help of a few pointers, you can create the best of your relocation and experience as little disruption as possible.

How to Relocate Your Family

There are a few things that you should know if you and your family are preparing to relocate due to your service in the military. As you get ready to relocate, consider the following advice.

Strategy and Forethought

A military operation that is not well planned has a very low chance of success. Create a timeline and to-do list when you discover you will be moving.

Establishing Preferences

You need to think about a few different factors when organizing your move. Among these considerations, hiring a reliable moving company to assist you should rank high. The military transportation office in your area will have a list of approved moving companies.

Assembling Moving Supplies

There are many things to do before actually moving. Getting rid of excess baggage and downsizing your possessions rank high on the list. If you do this, you can reduce the money you spend on your relocation and simplify the time spent packing. In addition, you should prepare a strategy for packing up your stuff. You could organize the boxes by space and maintain an itemized list of what's inside each.

Maintaining an Orderly Lifestyle

The stress of moving can be lessened, and the process is facilitated by maintaining order throughout it. Keeping all the paperwork associated with the relocation in one place is a good way to maintain order. It could be anything from a list of instructions to a medical file or a list of addresses.

Understanding Your New Neighborhood

One of the difficulties of moving is learning your way around your new neighborhood. Adapting to your new home is a big step, so here are some suggestions to make the process easier.

The Importance of Knowing Your Neighbors

Learning the lay of the land is the first order of business when settling into a new area. Touring the area, checking out the sights, and trying out the eateries and shops would fall under this category. You can also ask your sponsor or other military families for suggestions on where to go and what to do.

Meeting Other Military Families and Making Friends

One way to adjust to a new area is to befriend other military families. Native support groups, social networks, and events at your installation are all great ways to connect with other families. Relocating can be difficult, but finding a community with other military families can help ease the burden.

Strengthening Ties with Neighbors

Knowing your new neighbors is another crucial step in settling into a new area. A simple visit or a casual get-together can be an excellent way to meet your new neighbors. When you make friends in your new neighborhood, you can feel more at home and supported by the people around you.

Participation in Community Events

Participating in community events is a wonderful way to get to know people and settle into a new area. Participate in a league of local athletes, enroll in a course at the community center, or lend a hand at a local nonprofit. 

Vehicle Shipping

When you ship it, the question concerning what to do with your car may arise. For military families relocating from one work location to another, shipping their vehicles is a common choice. The following tips would do well to serve you throughout the process.

How to Get Your Car Ready to Be Shipped

It's important to prepare your vehicle for shipping before shipping it. To do this, you may need to clean the car's interior and exterior, remove any valuables, and fill the gas tank to no more than a quarter of its capacity. You should photograph your vehicle before transporting it to verify its condition.

Selection of a Transport Company

To make sure your car makes it to its destination without any damage, you should hire a reliable shipping company. You can find a company that offers military vehicle shipping to make sure your vehicle gets delivered on time and safely. Be sure to inquire about shipping insurance and any other costs that may be incurred.



Relocating for the military can be difficult, but you can take advantage of it with the right mindset and some planning. Take care of yourself and enjoy your time away. Your family will grow and develop with each relocation, and you will create priceless new memories in exciting locations.